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IC365 Day 42: Rare Indeed

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Time spent with one’s beloved is a precious thing. Time spent with one’s beloved on a clear, crisp, autumn afternoon where the sun sits just high enough to temper the algid zephyr ambling up from the bend in the lower Colorado River while you lay nuzzled together on a red-checkered cotton blanket amidst the cool, olive-colored grass gazing at the large puffs of marshmallows lazily floating in the teal ocean of sky above you, is rare indeed.

Details. Our Lord weaves so many details into the day that we often miss most of them. But He doesn’t. He creates every detail, even down to each hair on our head. And yet, He doesn’t get bogged down in the details like we tend to do from time to time. He longs to spend time with His Bride, and He longs for His Bride to long to spend time with Him. As we rest in Christ today, may we cherish Him all the more and appreciate those rare moments when we are completely and utterly aware of Him and all who He is.

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