IC365 Day 37: Inseparable

June 6, 2017

“Faith and the cross are inseparable: the cross is the shrine of faith, and faith is the light of the cross.” – Madame Guyon

The cross is where faith leads us, and faith is where the cross points us. We have been crucified with Christ (cross), therefore we now live by faith in Christ (faith). His way is now our way; His life is now our life. Without the cross, we cannot have faith. Without faith, we cannot endure the cross. And the good news is that it is Christ’s faith (His life, remember?) and His cross (His completed work).

More about R.C.

Constrained by the love of Christ, R.C. currently lives in a 5th-wheel camper with his wife and four kiddos. They enjoy watching movies and Netflix and going for walks together. R.C. also enjoys working through deep thoughts and new insights with a pipe in his teeth and a pen in his hand.

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