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IC365 Day 19: Wasn’t Airplanes

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“Oh, no. It wasn’t the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast.”

Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong)
King Kong (1933)

In the 1933 film King Kong, Carl Denham captures the giant beast and brings him to New York. At the end of the film, airplanes shoot Kong down from the Empire State Building, but Denham reveals the true reason for the ape’s death: “It was Beauty killed the Beast.” Kong had been smitten by a woman, and he died trying to protect her.

Here’s the picture of our Lord (and no, I’m not calling Him a beast): It wasn’t the humans that killed Him. He laid down His own life on His own accord for His Bride, the Church. The Church is those who believe into Jesus Christ (for whosoever), and those are the ones Christ died to redeem. When we see it from His eternal perspective, we see God reclaiming His creation. It wasn’t a matter of man-made machinations that killed our Lord; He laid down His own life for His Beauty, His Bride

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