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This Post Is Poor

May 26, 2017/Abiding Life/6 Comments

I write poor posts. I always suspected as such, but now I know. I have…

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IC365: Small Beginnings

May 1, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

I am working on a 365 day desk calendar. Will you help? Here’s the beginning.

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In Search of Something More: A Short Story about a Long Journey

April 21, 2017/Sharing Life/6 Comments

Herein lies a dramatized excerpt of my story out of the religious institutional system and…

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Open Windows

October 19, 2016/Abiding Life/0 Comments

I was recently asked how I write, or at least know what to write, in…

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As the Sun Sets

September 26, 2016/Abiding Life/0 Comments

Written on my last day at KVWC radio in Vernon, TX, on December 18, 2007.…

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Unfinished Verse

September 12, 2016/Abiding Life/0 Comments

I found the following verse from my notes in May 2012. Don’t know why I…

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Oh, I Am (a Haiku)

September 5, 2016/Abiding Life/0 Comments

Oh, I am ruined. I am ruined by I AM. And, I am now rich.

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