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This Life is a shared Life. We who are many are one body.
53 Posts Here
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A Spiritual Kick

July 6, 2017/Sharing Life/0 Comments

Over at 3rdRace.org, we’re attempting to see Christ in the movie “Inception” in various ways…

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Down to the Wire for the To the Saints Conference

June 30, 2017/Sharing Life/0 Comments

Today’s the last day to register for the To the Saints Conference. So, what is…

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Freedom Living in the Wild

June 6, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

Growing up, I loved the movie, Dances with Wolves. The idea of living on the…

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Blog Refresh

May 19, 2017/Sharing Life/0 Comments

Well, if you haven’t visited the blog any this past week, then you’ve missed some…

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To Share in an Adventure

May 11, 2017/Sharing Life/0 Comments

Bilbo Baggins was a very respectable hobbit, not only because he was rich, but also…

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In Search of Something More: A Short Story about a Long Journey

April 21, 2017/Sharing Life/6 Comments

Herein lies a dramatized excerpt of my story out of the religious institutional system and…

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The Black Swan

April 19, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

Have you ever thought something to be improbable, maybe even impossible, only to later discover…

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The Early Three

April 17, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

In a previous blogging life, I had three quotes listed in the sidebar that had…

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