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The heart sings unbidden while working through a tough bit with a pipe in teeth and pencil in hand.
22 Posts Here
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Peace in a Pipe

April 27, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

In case you couldn’t tell, I like to smoke a pipe. I picked up the…

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The Black Swan

April 19, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

Have you ever thought something to be improbable, maybe even impossible, only to later discover…

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Bing’s Favorite

October 18, 2016/Lunting Life/1 Comment

I’ve told you about my Londoner, Dr. Grabow, and Vauen pipes, all of which were…

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Fave Five: Pipes in Movies

October 10, 2016/Lunting Life/0 Comments

Who doesn’t love a good list? Well, here’s a list of my favorite five movies…

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Passing It on

September 29, 2016/Abiding Life/2 Comments

My eldest kiddo turned 18 a couple days ago. Bridget and I were kiddos ourselves…

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Favorite Times & Favorite Places

September 22, 2016/Abiding Life/1 Comment

Today is the first day of fall. Like many, this is my favorite season of…

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A Somewhat Calm & Objective Judgement…

September 21, 2016/Lunting Life/0 Comments

I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all…

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