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Abide in Me, and I in you. For to me, to live is Christ...
68 Posts Here
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From the Garden of Belief

June 23, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

In the garden of Eden, pride leads to unbelief which leads to disobedience. In the…

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The Promise

June 16, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

Several years ago, when I was still active on Twitter, I tweeted, “Ah, the Promise…

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Freedom Living in the Wild

June 6, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

Growing up, I loved the movie, Dances with Wolves. The idea of living on the…

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Bloom Where You’re Planted: The Bush Who Lived

June 2, 2017/Abiding Life/2 Comments

What if we’re planted in Christ, and we have all the right soil and the…

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This Post Is Poor

May 26, 2017/Abiding Life/6 Comments

I write poor posts. I always suspected as such, but now I know. I have…

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The Adam Bomb

May 9, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

Have you ever seen video footage or pictures of what an atom bomb can do?…

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IC365: Small Beginnings

May 1, 2017/Abiding Life/0 Comments

I am working on a 365 day desk calendar. Will you help? Here’s the beginning.

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