Abiding Life


The Promise

Several years ago, when I was still active on Twitter, I tweeted, "Ah, the Promise of a new day." In fact, I was going to say, "Ah, the promise of a new day." However, as I was typing it in on my phone, a strange thought occurred to me. Capitalize "promise". Hmm.

“There is one comprehensive and all-embodying truth which, if it really gained the complete mastery of our hearts and dominated our whole consciousness, capturing our will, our hearts, and our minds, would really revolutionize everything, just as the new covenant represents a revolution from the old covenant. The great truth which embodies everything is this: that God has determined that nothing which is not Christ shall remain, and He is working toward that end, on the one hand to rid this universe of everything that is not Christ; on the other hand to fill this universe with that which is Christ. That means that God does not accept or recognize anything whatever that is not Christ. Then again, it means that God puts His seal upon what is Christ, and it is all a matter of the measure of Christ. It is a tremendous thing when that really does come to our hearts with the force and the power which it really does represent. It explains everything of God’s dealings with us. It gives us the key to our problems. It sets us at once upon the highway of God’s own purpose.” – T. Austin-Sparks

T. Austin-Sparks

The Adam Bomb

Have you ever seen video footage or pictures of what an atom bomb can do? And have you ever seen how big an atom bomb is? Compared to the power contained inside it, it is minuscule. I consider the truth found in Colossians 1:15 to be the infinite reality of the atom bomb: small truth, eternal implications.