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Well, if you haven’t visited the blog any this past week, then you’ve missed some changes. I’ve got a new look and feel, and I think it’s really user-friendly. Of course, that last bit’s up to you, the user. Or reader. Whichever term you prefer. So, what’s different?

Landing Page

When you first log on to the blog, you’ll be greeted by a new landing page. On this page you’ll find the latest three days for the ongoing IC365 Project, plus the latest six posts from the blog. The sidebar is still around with links to my other websites, recent posts, recent projects, and the archives. The new footer widgets include the weekly newsletter sign up form, my Instagram feed, and the blog admin. I’m too lazy to type in all the admin stuff to log in, so I use this widget.

Writing Projects

Below the latest three days for the IC365 Project on the landing page is a button. It’s a big orange button. (Alright, it’s not that big of a button, but it is orange.) Click this to go to the new Writing Projects page. Currently, I’ve only got the IC365 Project listed here, but I plan to add other writings (poetry, book excerpts, etc.) soon. This will be the place to find all my other writings that I publish for public consumption that aren’t regular blog posts.

Blog Page

The orange Blog Page button below the latest blog posts on the landing page will take you to the, well, Blog Page. Here’s where you’ll find all the blog posts I’ve written. This is basically the page that looks most similar to what we were used to with the old blog look.

Those are all the main changes I’ve made recently to the blog. Other than the images posting a little differently, everything else should be close to as it was. I wanted something a little different, a little more bold or adventurous. I also wanted something that would highlight the various writing projects, and I’ve got that. I’ve also go the ability to add a shop or store in the future. Excited about that possibility, as the calendar could be added there along with any finished (if I ever will) books I’ve published. So, be on the lookout for things like those sometime in the future.

In the meantime, click around and explore LIFE!

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