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In case you couldn’t tell, I like to smoke a pipe. I picked up the practice in the fall of 2013, wrangled a couple of brothers into lunting with me, and haven’t looked back since. I love it. Unapologetically and unequivocally. So, why do I smoke a pipe? Why do I love it so? I could go into the intricacies of a long answer, but instead I’ll just expound a little on a one word answer: Peace.

“I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” – Albert Einstein

Sure, pipe smoking can be a “somewhat calm” activity as it forces one to slow down and take the proper time to pack the bowl, strike the match, and slowly go through that bowl without burning too hot. That is certainly one reason I love it – it takes time and intentionality. And in taking that time and intentionality, one usually has the time to pause and consider matters more thoroughly.

“A pipe gives a wise man time to think, and a fool something to stick in his mouth.” – C.S. Lewis

While I certainly don’t claim to be a wise man, smoking a pipe does lend me time to think. And in this pause, this respite, there is a peace. There is peace in the quiet of a pipe. But I’m still meaning more. The peace to which I refer, the peace which settles my nerves and sharpens my mind, the peace which passes understanding, is not a thing, but a person. I’m speaking of the Prince of Peace, the Personification of Peace, Jesus Christ.

“Therefore He (Jesus) is able also to save completely those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.” – Hebrews 7:25

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” – James 4:8

You see, the pipe is simply a tool by which I draw near to God. Taking the time to smoke a pipe is a conscious effort to turn to the Lord in my spirit. Whether I’m alone or with other brothers (and sisters, though none of them have lunted, yet), whenever I turn to the Lord, I am aware of Him. And when I am aware of Him, I’m aware of the Peace that dwells within me, and in which I dwell. And when I draw near to Him, He draws near to me and saves me completely, or puts me at rest.

So, when I speak of this peace in a pipe, I do not mean that I put Jesus in my pipe and smoke Him. I do not mean that Jesus is the pipe by which I smoke. I simply mean that, as I abide in Christ, and He abides in me, I am at rest. I am at peace. I am satisfied as I rest in my Lord. And He is satisfied as I rest in Him.

Yes, I love to smoke my pipe, but only as it pertains to resting in, or turning to, Christ. Which, by the way, I can do without my pipe. Because, again, the pipe is only a tool by which I draw near to the Lord. I can draw near to Him in many myriad ways. And so can you. With a tool or without it. Whether it’s a sunrise, or a good book, or a bubble bath, or working on your old car, or smoking a pipe, find your peace in Him. Allow Him to be satisfied with your presence and to satisfy you with His.

Draw near to God through Christ, and find Peace.

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