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The first month of the new year is already almost gone. A lot has already happened. In looking back, I’ve turned a year older, our second son turned a year older, I’ve started a new weekly radio program with others, and I’ve witnessed a bitter transition of power in the country in which I live.

Now I pause to turn.

In looking ahead, we will travel to Oklahoma to visit family, that second son will take his written exam for a driver’s permit, and my wife will turn another year older. That’s all happening within the next few weeks. That’s all I see, yet I know there is so much more to the year. There is more to this year than what has already happened in the few weeks it has existed, and there’s more to it than the coming few weeks.

There’s a little Jesus in that: We only see a very little of Him and His nature, yet we know that there is so much more to Him. We tend to focus on what He’s done and do not consider what He is doing here and now. How often do we get stuck on what we know (or what we think we know) and not move on or press in to know Him more? If I dwelt on the things that have already happened, or on the upcoming trip, exam, and birthday, I’d miss out on everything else this year has to offer. I’d miss out on seeing Christ in all His glory.

Looking away unto Jesus… ~ Hebrews 12:2

In looking ahead, may we look at the Head.

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