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A New Life in the New Year

January 4, 2017/Abiding Life
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“…that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection…” ~ Philippians 3:10a

Having had the eyes of my heart enlightened to know the hope of His calling, the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and the surpassing greatness of His power, I am ever eager to know more of Jesus Christ. And I am refreshed to be reminded of the position in which I find myself in Him: in the midst of His life, His resurrection life. This life is new life. This life is eternal life. This life is abundant life. This life is the life of Christ. And this life lives inside of me. He indwells me. He abides in me as I abide in Him. It’s now His life that courses through my veins. It’s now His life that directs my actions.

At least, it should be. Since I still live physically on this earth, and I still physically have my faculties and senses and, well, my life, I can, from time to time, still choose to live by that. And frankly, that leads to death. Whenever I decide to refuse the unfathomable life that dwells within me and live by my rules and such, then I’m denying the new nature and operating out of the old nature. That’s my nature. That’s sin nature. That’s death nature. And it’s so very easy to get caught back up in that old, defeated nature.

That’s why I love to be reminded of the new nature that dwells within me. I read the following recently, and I was refreshed and encouraged. May it do the same for you. From The Power of His Resurrection by T. Austin-Sparks:

Resurrection always means that we are outside of the world. After His resurrection the Lord Jesus never again appeared to the world. He never manifested Himself personally to the world after His resurrection. The resurrection means that He had passed, in that sense, out from the world and stood apart, and His power over the world was His apartness from it. His ability to deal with the situation is because He is no longer involved in the situation. Resurrection Life means that we are outside of the world spiritually, and in a superior position….

We have to learn how to live by the power of Christ’s resurrection, so that the death around us is not able so to impinge upon us as to bring us into its grip. Resurrection union with the Lord Jesus means that we are not involved in the death that is all around us. We can move in scenes of death and not be touched by death. This is a very important lesson to learn, how to be in Life in the midst of death…. In the resurrection of the Lord Jesus we are delivered from the curse – that is, from the death which works vanity – and we have been brought into the place where we can go right through to the Divine end, the full realization that vanity no longer rests upon us. We are no longer held up; no longer in the position that we live and come to a point and that is the end, and we can go no further. We can go right on now! The fruit of Life can come to perfection because the power of death in the curse has been canceled in the power of His resurrection. The condemnation has been removed.

My prayer for us, dear reader, is that we would learn how to live by the power of Christ’s resurrection. I pray that the death around us will not be able to so impinge upon us as to bring us into its grip. May you and I move in scenes of death and not be touched by death. May we live by a new life in this new year and beyond.

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