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Christ the Reality: Coffee

October 3, 2016/Abiding Life
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On a previous blog, I wrote a series of posts called Christ the Reality. Everything is a picture, or shadow, of Christ, the reality. In honor of National Coffee Day last week, I’ll start with coffee. Christ is the reality of coffee: He is the radiant warmth, source of energy and soothing drink of life.

Here are some of the previous comments, and you’ll see how Christ can be seen in something that some people love and others do not.

I’m not a coffee fan, so I’ll say that the bitterness of coffee is like the cross. We must be prepared to drink the cup the Father gives us…hahaha.
But on the other side, like you said, there is life (energy) in that deathly drink. – Nick

Here are some parallels I thought of: the first thing I head for in the morning, gets my heart started, helps me focus on the day, has a wonderful fragrance, taste and see – it’s/He’s good, rich, puts a smile on my face, brings comfort in a crisis, too good to keep to yourself, fills the whole house with aroma. The beans must be roasted, ground and brewed to release it’s full purpose (beating, death on the cross, resurrection). Once you drink the coffee, you feel some of it’s effects and benefits immediately. If you are a lifelong coffee drinker, you become addicted and have no desire to start your day without it. It stains your teeth, permanently marking you as being a coffee drinker. Once you belong to the coffee, any day you try to go without it brings an enormous headache that will only be cured by partaking of the coffee again, refilling that empty space in your system with its presence.
Obviously I am a coffee drinker… – Lisa

He’s an extra-bold blend. He is a bold personality that speaks His mind to my heart. He doesn’t cower away from evil or persecution. He faces the storms head on even when I’m too afraid to, He does it for me. – Michael

Coffee is hot, just like Jesus. Coffee is awesome, just like Christ.
There are infinite flavors. There is a lot of unseen preparation before you can drink of it. Some coffee drinks are so sweet and smooth that you have to distill the moment by lingering there and you can’t help but smile. Some crave it, and wanna smack someone if they don’t get it (see above;). It can be absolutely comforting. If it’s all you talk about, you may seem a little weird. I will go completely out of my way to get my fill. You can tell when someone’s had a lot. That first drink of the morning you do with ur eyes closed.
put some whip cream on it and lap it up, cuz it’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. – Wes

I’m with Nick – coffee sucks. I’m not a fan of it. Tea, however; now that’s a drink!
But alas, coffee is everywhere. It seems to me that the richness of coffee is directly proportional to the way it is prepared. I woke up every morning as a kid to the smell of Maxwell House. (Now you know why I’ve chosen to forego coffee.) However, my wife and co-workers often make very nice flavors of coffee that have a much sweeter, pleasant aroma.
My point is the difference between the cheap stuff and the REAL stuff. If you want the real thing, you have to really become a coffee expert. You have to know the coffee. Which beans/grounds to buy, how to prepare them, how to brew the coffee. Real quality coffee takes time, experience, patience, maybe even love. As you expand your experience of coffee, your appreciation for it also grows. At least that’s what I’ve observed.
So it is with Christ. – Mark

I love it because you also get to choose. You don’t have to love coffee. But once you do, maybe folgers would suffice. The longer you drink coffee, the more you crave deeper, more intense flavor. You read more about it, talk more about it.
Then you get a choice to become a coffee snob or just enjoy each cup.
I love that He always gives us choice.
And I love coffee. Really. – Erin

In what other ways can you see coffee as a shade of Christ?

Comments (3)

  • Daniel / January 23, 2017 / Reply

    I would also add this to the parallels of coffee and Christ:
    If it’s your first time to drink coffee, and you get presented with a bad cup of coffee it may turn you off to it forever. If you get presented with true, quality, unadulterated coffee you may become a fan for life. The same goes for Christ. Many times people get a “bad cup” of Jesus and are turned off for many years, if not forever. When they are presented with Christ in purity, without hinderance of doctrine or dogma, they get a taste of the greatest cup they will ever taste. They will be hooked for life.

    • (Author) R.C. / January 24, 2017 / Reply

      Amen, brother! My own experience takes this line of thought a little further:
      At first, I wasn’t familiar enough with coffee to realize what a good cup or bad cup was. Same with Jesus – I “believed in” Him, but I didn’t really “know” Him. Then, one day, somebody brewed me a cup of sweet or flavored coffee with a flavored, sweet creamer. I loved it! It made sense to me. Coffee didn’t have to be all black and bitter. Very carefully now, I see Christ in that, too. Christ’s sweet gospel of forgiveness and love opened my eyes to a whole new “cup”.
      Now, interestingly enough, the more coffee I drank, the less appealing all the sweet and flavored stuff came to be. I started liking coffee for coffee’s sake. I didn’t need, and soon didn’t want, all the flavored or sweet additives that made it “easier” to drink; it all seemed to cheapen coffee. Give me a cup of good, black coffee any day. I see Christ as the reality of that. The more I came to know Him, the more I wanted the unadulterated Jesus. I didn’t need or want to stay focused on all the “sweet” stuff that made Him easier for me to handle. He was enough. I came to love the bitter taste of coffee, and I’ve come to love the bitter taste of the reality of the Cross of Christ. I found his love and forgiveness, the “sweet stuff”, far more potent within the context of the bitterness of denying myself, taking up my cross, and following Him. Give me Jesus every day!
      And to attempt to bring a little balance back to it, I will still put sweet creamer in my coffee from time to time. I drink coffee black way more often than not, but every now and then, a little caramel macchiato goes a long way. So, while I imbibe Christ and His Cross, it’s good to know that His love and forgiveness, His “sweet stuff”, is still there and always available to me.
      Thanks for sharing, brother!

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