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I’ve told you about my Londoner, Dr. Grabow, and Vauen pipes, all of which were additions to my pipe box via eBay. Well, only a few short days after winning the Grabow and Vauen, I found a real gem. I found a Bing’s Favorite from Savinelli. This pipe goes for $100 and more retail (cheapest I’ve seen is the brownblast finish for $102), and while it comes in a few different finishes (smooth, brownblast, soiree), I was able to snag this smooth version for a mere $39.05. I know, right?! Less than forty bucks! And shipping was only another $2.60. I had been eyeing the Bing’s Favorite since I got my Clark’s Favorite, and I was able to steal it for only $41.65. I’ve been watching, and there hasn’t been another one go for less than $50. (And there’s only been a couple go for less than $80!)

early-in-the-morningSo, besides the amazing deal I got on the pipe, what else do I love about my Bing’s Favorite? Glad you asked. For beginners, I love the size and shape of the pipe. It’s not as long as my churchwardens, but it’s a little longer than my standard pipes; it measures out to be just shy of 7 inches. It’s a sleek bent billiard that’s light enough to clinch in my teeth. Plus, I think the lines are just gorgeous. The newer models come in a little darker stain, and the pipe-shaped golf club (or golf club-shaped pipe?) and ball are faded on this stem, but I still think this one’s a beaut. Along with the size and shape, this one’s a nice smoker, as well. While my Ginger’s Favorite is my overall favorite pipe, this one may be my favorite to smoke.

Savinelli modeled this pipe after the ones that American singer/actor Bing Crosby used to smoke. Add this one to the Clark’s Favorite (named after Clark Gable) and the Ginger’s Favorite (named after Ginger Rogers, not after people with red hair), and I’ve got all of Savinelli’s “Favorites” covered. At least I thought I did until I saw a Byron’s Favorite (named after Lord Byron Nelson) as an estate pipe on a website. Now I wonder what other “Favorites” I might be missing out on. (For the record, I did not get the Byron’s Favorite.) (It was snatched up before I could get permission to get it myself.) Regardless, I like the ones I’ve got.

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  • Tobias / October 18, 2016 / Reply

    Sweet deal on the new pipe brother! I’m glad it smokes well. I’m sure we’ll get to have a lunting again sometime, albeit not soon enough!

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