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Favorite Times & Favorite Places

September 22, 2016/Abiding Life
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Today is the first day of fall. Like many, this is my favorite season of the year. I love the (eventually) cooler weather, the changing of the leaves (in some parts of the country), and the return to a sense of routine. It’s the start of the school year, the gateway to the holidays, and previously, the mark of the annual return to the playoffs for my Atlanta Braves. The latter hasn’t been the case for some time, but I still love the season.

Reflecting on this reminded me of another SmokingPipes.com newsletter article I read a little bit ago. Like the first one I mentioned, this one was also written by Eric Squires. I haven’t met the man, but I think I’d like to. Here’s his original article:

Favorite Times, Favorite Places

Monday, July 25, 2016 by Eric Squires

When the word favorite comes up in matters of pipe and tobacco, the subjects are most often, for understandable reasons, favorite pipes and favorite tobaccos. Even though I have a few pipes I smoke far more often than any others, and ditto tobaccos, I don’t really have any favorites. Not favorite pipes or favorite tobaccos at least; I do have favorite times, and favorite places.A favorite among those favorites is Sunday morning, still lying in bed. This is an easy favorite for an obvious reason: it requires no work. Wake up, let my head clear, shoo the cat off my chest, lean back against the headboard, reach over to my nightstand for whatever pipe(s) and tobacco(s) I happened to last leave there; there, done. All that’s left is to sit very still, watch smoke play around in the light coming through the window, and think upon whatever comes to mind knowing I have all the time I may like.
Coffee, in theory, would also be nice. However I usually do without it on these mornings. First of all, part of the whole joy of a lazy Sunday morning is still being drowsy and able to get away with it. Secondly, and this is the big one, making coffee would require actually getting out of bed. Nuts, I say, to that. There are after all six other mornings in a week to error in that direction.

So I sit and think muddled thoughts — on what I may have dreamt the night before, on what has passed the week before, on what is to be done in the week to come, on anything I please at all. And I watch smoke drift through light.

I love his picture with the article. At first I thought the cat was so captivated with the smoke. And it may be, or perhaps it’s the light passing through the smoke that catches the cat’s attention? Or, upon closer inspection, the cat isn’t interested in the smoke or light at all. I can’t tell. The cat may be looking at all the books on the dresser thinking, “This guy really reads all that?” I dunno. Whatever the cat’s doing, I love the smoke dancing in the morning light. Seems like a peaceful place and time to be smoking a pipe. Which leads me to my own thoughts on the matter.

I love lunting with other guys. I’ve only ever lunted with other brothers in the Lord, so I can’t speak to an experience of lunting with just anybody. But I love lunting with and sharing the Lord with my brothers in Christ. This is one of my favorite times. The places are almost always outside, the lone exception being a cigar lounge or pub somewhere. Most of the time we lunt in the evenings and some beer or liquor is typically involved. Scotch and bourbon are favorites among the guys I know. So, one of my favorite times is with other brothers sharing a drink, a laugh, and the love and life of Christ together while we smoke our pipes.

But that’s not my most favorite. Not anymore, anyway. The Lord has wooed me unto Himself. Once I awoke and enjoyed a pipe and coffee with Jesus while watching the sun rise, I was sold. Being the introverted soul that I am, I absolutely love this time alone with the Lord. He has revolutionized my mornings. I now look forward to waking up with Him and watching His new day begin. And, quite frankly, I don’t always smoke a pipe whilst doing it. Sometimes I just roll out of bed, grab my notebook, click on the Keurig, and settle on the patio to just sit and enjoy Him. I bask in His presence, and He basks in mine. And the fun part is that sometimes He invites me to bring my pipe. Specifically. He wants me to enjoy Him while enjoying a bowl of some of my favorite tobacco. It is a precious time to me.

While I may never get my wife to smoke a pipe (I keep asking every now and then), I also enjoy her presence while puffing and pondering. I enjoy when she and a couple of friends (brothers and sisters in Christ) will sit out on the patio with me while I lunt (many times with the husband or other brother) and share the Lord. I can only imagine how much joy it would bring me to sit in the infant light of the new day smoking a pipe with my wife and beholding our Lord together. She will read this and inevitably say, “Bless.” As in bless my heart. But I can still dream, right?

And now that the weather is supposed to be cooling off, I should be able to take advantage of the outdoors a little more often. I can grab an Octoberfest beer and my pipe and sit outside with some buddies in the evening. Or I can grab a pumpkin spice something or other and sit in the cool morning with a bowl of Frog Morton. Either way, I should be able to partake of my favorite hobby a little more often in my favorite season. Now, if only I could get my favorite person (my wife) to partake as well…

Do you have any favorite places or times to partake of your favorite hobby? What is your favorite hobby?

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  • Bridget / September 25, 2016 / Reply

    Bless. ?

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