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Spending Time with the Word of God through Scripture

August 30, 2016/Abiding Life
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One way I have learned to behold the Lord, or fellowship with Christ (the true Word of God), is through scripture, and there are several ways in which this can be done. Sometimes, I just read and meditate on a passage of scripture, and other times I do more. These times, I start by identifying a “timeless” scripture – scripture that is eternal or everlasting. Eternal is to have no beginning and no end, and everlasting is to have a beginning but no end. If a scripture meets either of these criteria, then it can be considered timeless. From there, I can turn scripture into fellowship with God, or turn scripture into the very voice of God, or simply rewrite and read a passage of timeless scripture.

The following is a rewrite of a passage of scripture from Hebrews that a dear brother and good friend, Mark Lake, and I did together a few years back. We rewrote it as the Lord speaking to us. First, here’s the passage from the New American Standard Bible:

Hebrews 10 full

Now here’s our rewrite:

Hebrews 10:19-25
19“Therefore, brothers, as I have offered myself as a blood sacrifice for your sake, I have cleared a path so that all may enter the Most Holy Place, the Presence of the Living God.  20I AM that path, new, fresh and living.  My flesh, the real veil, has been broken so that you may enter into me uninhibited.  21I AM the new priest, the great priest, 22whose sacrifice has cleansed your very spirit from all evil and unworthiness.  Therefore, I invite you to partake of my life, the real Tree of Life, which fills you with faith and assurance.  23I, who AM the Promise, AM faithful, and I hold you unswervingly inside myself.  24Consider, brothers, that partaking of the Tree of Life, which is my Life, is the source for your love for one another and your desire for good works.  25How do you intend to express your love and good works without meeting together?  Do not neglect the portions I have poured out into the saints, but draw near to me together, visibly expressing my Life in the earth.”

We haven’t added to, nor taken away from, the message of the scripture; we’ve simply shifted the perspective to better hear the Lord’s heart behind it. If you’re so inclined, I encourage you to find a passage of timeless scripture to rewrite, either as the Lord speaking, or as fellowship unto Him, or just rewrite it in your own words. Better yet, find another brother or sister in Christ and rewrite it together. This can even be done with a pipe clinched in your teeth. However you do it, I believe you’ll find yourself drawn closer to your Lord and maybe even see something new of Him. Give it a try!

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