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Around the Web in 80 Clicks

June 29, 2016/Sharing Life
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I steal things from my wife. While that makes for a great opening sentence, the real story is that I steal blog ideas from my wife. I’m the one who wants to be a writer, but she’s the one who’s kicking my writing butt. So, I steal ideas from her. This post is a case in point. I saw that she had a post planned on different websites she visits, and the idea for “Around the Web in 80 Clicks” came to mind. I wasn’t really sure I could pull off 80 different sites, so I went with clicks instead. But, lo and behold, I pulled off 80(ish) sites. Here’s how I did it:

R.C.’s World Wide Web

I’ve divided the sites I visit on any regular basis into two main continents, the Land of Leisure and the Land of Labor, with two island nations, Christology and Tobacciana, nestled between them. When I connect to the webz, I start with my homepage: gmail. My homepage naturally resides in the Land of Leisure, because I really don’t want to live in the Land of Labor.

I click on my gmail first. It will contain emails from the all the different lands, including that otherworldly land of Spam, whose emails are deleted from existence. From there, I typically click my way over to the Land of Labor to check those email accounts. I will then usually stay in the Land of Labor for some time of blogging and writing. After that, it’s anybody’s guess, but I normally return home to gmail before disconnecting from the webz.

at the beachLand of Leisure (31 Clicks)

This is by far the largest land of R.C.’s W.W.W. It contains 31 sites, or clicks, most of which are visited quite regularly. The Land of Leisure is divided into four regions: General Interest Sites, Media Sites, Shopping Sites, and Social Sites. Let’s begin the clicking.

General Interest Sites (6 clicks)

  1. Gmail.com (my homepage)
  2. Houseplans.com (a favorite pastime for Bridget and me: looking at house plans)
  3. Eplans.com (another house plan site)
  4. RVTrader.com (before being gifted with an awesome 5th-wheel camper, Bridge and I surfed trailer plans – still do when we see a cool-looking rig at a park)
  5. MLB.com (Atlanta Braves, baby)
  6. GoComics.com (I love Arlo & Janis and Garfield)

Media Sites (10 clicks)

  1. Netflix.com (streaming movies and tv shows)
  2. Amazon.com (Prime Video streaming those movies and shows not on Netflix)
  3. Flixter.com (where our digital copy library resides)
  4. Fandango.com (to see what’s playing where and when)
  5. IMDB.com (for movie trailers, news, and to see who that one guy was in that one show we liked)
  6. SuperHeroHype.com (I used to surf this one a lot – latest news and stuff on anything super hero or comic book related)
  7. DoctorWho.tv (for checking out the latest trailers and such on our favorite Time Lord)
  8. BBCAmerica.com (for all the other Doctor Who news not found at the first site)
  9. Pandora.com (one does not simply work or surf the web without a little musical accompaniment)
  10. Amazon.com (Prime Music for when I don’t want ads between songs)

Shopping Sites (10 clicks)

  1. Amazon.com (with Prime shipping)
  2. eBay.com (comes and goes in spurts – depends on if I’m looking for something in particular)
  3. NewEgg.com (we have six laptops in our family; I’m sure more than one has come from this site)
  4. TigerDirect.com (we have six laptops in our family; I’m sure more than one has come from this site, too)
  5. DollarShaveClub.com (I have to visit this site every so often to update our new address)
  6. ThinkGeek.com (for all of our fun Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and other cool stuff shopping)
  7. BestBuy.com (typically for price comparison, but every now then, it has the best buy – go figure)
  8. WalMart.com (every day low prices without the every day hassle or spectacle)
  9. Target.com (because we really do like it better than wally-world)
  10. GoHastings.com (one of the last remaining brick & mortar video stores with a bunch of cool stuff – also for Doctor Who, etc. shopping)

Social Sites (5 clicks)

  1. Facebook.com (don’t really spend a lot of time on here, but it can be fun from time to time)
  2. Twitter.com (used to be a lot more immersed in this than I am now, but still useful every now and then)
  3. Pinterest.com (my wife finds some great recipes on here, as well as ideas for decorating the camper; I find cool pics of pipes)
  4. Instagram.com (only just recently got into this one; may be my favorite yet – only because the people I follow don’t constantly post pics of their food – sometimes, but not constantly)
  5. YouTube.com (good for watching and using clips from movies and tv shows)

prep workLand of Labor (25 clicks)

This is the most visited land of R.C.’s W.W.W. Be it planning for a message, planning for what to share in a meeting (non-message), planning a blog post, planning a story, or planning a homeschool lesson, I’m clicking up a storm in this land. It is often used in conjunction with the island nation of Christology, which we’ll get to shortly. For now, we’ll click through the three regions of the Land of Labor: Blogging Sites, Writing Sites, and Schooling Sites.

Blogging Sites (18 Clicks)

  1. 3rdRace.org personal email (this is the hub of my ministry, so I check my email every day)
  2. 3rdRace.org contact email (I’m an administrator for 3rdRace.org, so I check for new comments, etc.)
  3. 3rdRace.org admin email (this is for PayPal and other misc. issues)
  4. 3rdRace.org social media email (pretty self-explanatory)
  5. RCBabione.org email (I funnel personal contacts and blog comments and such all through one email account here)
  6. 3rdRace.org (this is the main blog with which I work)
  7. RCBabione.org (this is my personal blog, which you are now reading)
  8. PicMonkey.com (for editing and designing photos for the blogs)
  9. Flickr.com (for finding photos for the blogs when I don’t want to edit or design one)
  10. BibleGateway.com (to look up scripture in more than one version)
  11. MailChimp.com (our newsletter mailing service for 3rdRace.org)
  12. Dictionary.com (to make sure I spell words correctly and to help find fun synonyms)
  13. TitleCapitalization.com (I use the Chicago Manual of Style)
  14. Google.com (my search engine of choice)
  15. Wikipedia.org (my lazy research tool of choice)
  16. Vimeo.com (what I use to make and upload my own video for a blog post)
  17. BrainyQuote.com (for when I need to find a quick quote for a blog post)
  18. BlueHost.com (our website hosting peeps – terrific customer service)

Writing Sites (4 Clicks)

  1. NaNoWriMo.org (this site helped me to just sit down and write)
  2. Yarny.me (free online writing processor thing – where I started to write my novels and such)
  3. BehindtheName.com (to research meanings behind names – for characters)
  4. BehindtheSurname.com (my characters can’t have just any old last name)

Schooling Sites (3 clicks)

  1. YWP.NaNoWriMo.org (the Young Writer’s Program that I use every fall for the kiddos’ english and grammar lessons)
  2. TeachersPayTeachers.com (great homeschool resource – where I found our Doctor Who history lesson plan)
  3. SuperTeacherWorksheets.com (where I found some printable worksheets for vocabulary lessons and such)

power of the crossIsland of Christology (16 Clicks)

Now we come to our first island nation in R.C.’s W.W.W.: Christology. This is where I go to read up on thoughts, insights, and teachings on Christ and His Church. I could have probably fit these sites in to either Leisure or Labor, but there were enough of them to warrant their own category. I’ve even organized them into two regions: Blogs and Resources.

Blogs (9 clicks)

  1. Love, Bridget (my wife’s blog of DIY tips, RV tours, and Jesus – she’s got a little something for everybody)
  2. Beyond Evangelical (Frank Viola’s blog on the deeper Christian life)
  3. The Blog of Milt Rodriguez (good friend and mentor’s blog)
  4. Unite the Tribe (blog of Carrie and Andrew Walters, good friends and co-workers in Christ)
  5. Single and Sacred (blog of Thomas Fortson, a co-worker in Christ who happens to be single and has great insights into being such)
  6. Searching Together (blog of Jon Zens, another co-worker in Christ)
  7. Experiencing Christ (blog of fellow brother in Christ, Mark Lake)
  8. Drawing from the Well (blog of Aussie sister in Christ, Donna Batty)
  9. Treasuring Him Together (blog of Aussie brother in Christ, Ben Halliday)

Resources (7 clicks)

  1. Austin-Sparks.net (the online library of T. Austin-Sparks)
  2. MinistryBooks.org (online publications from Living Stream Ministry, the publisher of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee)
  3. TheRebuilders.org (books and articles from the ministry of Milt Rodriguez)
  4. HouseChurchResource.org (resource website for the house church, simple church, organic church, missional church movement)
  5. OrganicChurch.org (exploring the organic expression of the church)
  6. DonewithChurch.org (website of stories of those who have left the institutional religious system)
  7. StartingOrganicChurches.org (new site with help on starting a group of believers to meet organically outside the system)

tobaccianaIsland of Tobacciana (8 clicks)

This is the last, and smallest, land in R.C.’s W.W.W. This little island only has 8 sites, or clicks, but one does not simply rush through them. I spend a lot of time here learning the history of different pipes and tobaccos, plus I enjoy looking at all the cool pipes and being thankful I don’t have any money.

  1. SmokingPipes.com (an easy to navigate site that sends semi-weekly email updates – great prices, too)
  2. TobaccoPipes.com (one of the first websites I ever found, and the only one I’ve physically visited)
  3. PipesandCigars.com (where I thought I picked up my first starter kit, but have only just now realized that it wasn’t – has great specials from time to time)
  4. PipeDivan.com (from a little pipe shop in Ireland)
  5. JustforHim.com (sounds potentially sleezy, but it’s not – found my Shire tobacco here)
  6. Pipedia.org (a wikipedia for pipes)
  7. PipesMagazine.com (fun forums to ask questions and find long, lost facts)
  8. PipePhil.eu (great website with logos and stampings on all the major pipe brands through history)

Well, there you go. Around the web in 80 clicks. Do you visit any of these sites? What sites do you visit that you would recommend?

Happy clicking!


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