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Moving Daze Part 3

May 10, 2016/Sharing Life
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Well, the harrowing saga of the moving days from Kingwood, TX, to Altus, OK, finally came to a conclusion. Shortly after arriving in Altus, I took our truck, Great White Hauler, down to my insurance agent’s office to file a claim. I then took the truck to a body shop for an estimate. Lo and behold, the truck needed some work done. In fact, it needed over $3200 worth of work done. :O


Fortunately, our insurance deductible wasn’t anywhere near that. We were, in truth, concerned that the amount of work needed wouldn’t be much more (if any) than the deductible, but, as it turns out, we were needlessly concerned.

So, after a couple of weeks in the shop, we finally got our home hauler back just in time to prep it to move again. Thanks to a gift, we had the shop put all new tires on the truck, and it looked slick. I was very impressed and satisfied with the work done and with the whole process. Our insurance company made it very easy, as did the body shop.


Now, looking spiffy and new, equipped with new tires and ready to go, we hitched up Ginormica and made our way to Oklahoma City, OK.

And that, dear friends, is another tale…

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