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When I was in Jr. High (think 7th grade), I made a state honor choir by singing a song called “I Love Life”. The music was written by Mana-Zucca and the lyrics by her husband, Irwin Casssel. Both the music and the words have stuck with me since. Every now and then, I’ll start singing the chorus, sometimes aloud, sometimes to myself.

For most of my life, it was just a song about life and living. A few years ago, however, it took on a new meaning: I Love LIFE. As in, Jesus Christ our Life. Here’s the chorus:

I love life, so I want to live
and drink of life’s fullness, take all it can give
I love life, every moment must count
to glory in its sunshine and revel in its fount
I love life, I want to live, I love life!

I finally found a recording of the song online, and I wanted to share it with you here. So, whether you love the Lord of Life or just living life, may this encourage you a little today.

Do you have any old songs or memories that have taken on new life over the years?

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