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So why With Pipe & Pen? What’s with that title?

Well, C.S. Lewis once said,

I believe that many who find that “nothing happens” when they sit down, or kneel down, to a book of devotion, would find that the heart sings unbidden while they are working their way through a tough bit of theology with a pipe in their teeth and a pencil in their hand.

I have found this to be true in my own life. Honestly, I don’t always sit or kneel down to a book of devotion, but I do spend a lot of time with the Lord. I call it beholding the Lord. I have an expanded article on the whole concept of beholding over at 3rdRace.org. I invite you to read it to get a little more context.

Basically, I sit with the Lord. I’ll read a little. I’ll sing a little. I’ll pray a little. I’ll listen a lot. And I’ll lunt a little.

There have been several times when the Lord has called me out to have a pipe with Him. “Grab your pipe and come sit with Me.” How do you say no to that? It has become a precious time to me, especially when it involves others. Very little beats smokin’ and beholdin’ with a brilliant band of brothers!

Also, while Lewis mentions having a pencil in hand, I use a pen. Hence, with pipe and pen.

I do a lot of my deep thinking in this way. I wrestle with the Lord on a lot of things in this way. I spend a lot of time with others in this way. I write and record a lot of thoughts and insights in this way.

Therefore, the phrase has become the moniker under which I blog here: With Pipe & Pen.

So, what are some ways in which you do some deep thinking? I’d be happy to hear from you.

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