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My birthday was last month; I turned 40. It was an enjoyable day and weekend. As you can see by the photo above, it was quite a haul, gift-wise. It was also quite a haul, love-wise.

The Gifts

My wife, unbeknownst to me, determined to really gift me this year – something about only turning 40 once. So, she and the kiddos showered me with everything I like: from donuts in the morning, to a new Savinelli pipe and Peterson tobacco, to the ingredients to make my favorite drink. I was also gifted more pipe tobacco and cash (which is just as good as money) from other family and friends. And those were just the material things.

The Love

In addition to the gifts from my family and friends, my family treated me to a steak dinner that night. Also, I was treated by some other saints to a trip to a local brewery that weekend. The whole weekend was filled with love. I could feel it. I was blown away with all the different ways I was loved that weekend.

That Wonderful Present

A few years ago, in looking to spend some birthday money, I came across some words written by C.S. Lewis.  They are from his book, Mere Christianity*. They are extraordinarily appropriate to the thought of gifts and love:

“What we have been told is how we men can be drawn into Christ – can become part of that wonderful present which the young Prince of the universe wants to offer to His Father – that present which is Himself and therefore us in Him. It is the only thing we were made for. And there are strange, exciting hints in the Bible that when we are drawn in, a great many other things in Nature will begin to come right. The bad dream will be over: it will be morning.”

I was so moved by the love and gifts shown on my birthday weekend, I can only imagine a fraction of the joy and love the Father feels with the gift of His Son. I only thought I had a good morning; that will be a good morning, indeed.

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