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My Life & Occupation

February 5, 2016/Abiding Life
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On the album Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Üthere is a song entitled “Holla Out”. The lyrics are quite simple:

We’re just here, having a good time
With this music, ghetto youts on the grind
This is our sound, our salvation
Music is me life, not just me occupation

I came across this song while in training in California to establish churches. While I honestly really don’t understand what “ghetto youts on the grind” means, the last line of the verse pierced my soul: “Music is me life, not just me occupation”. It’s not because I like music so much, but it echoed in my heart the reality of what I was living: Jesus is my life, not just my occupation.

My Occupation

I spent twelve years of my life, from age 19 to 31, in vocational ministry. What I mean by that is that I was on staff at a church as either a youth director or worship leader; I got paid to be in ministry. Jesus was easily my occupation.

But that was really all He was. I knew very little about His life within me and how to tap into it. I knew very little about what it meant to be in Him and how that affects my interaction with the world around me. Generally speaking, I claimed Christ as savior, but I was still lord. I knew right from wrong, but I didn’t know life from death, and there is actually a very big difference between the two.

My Life

Over the years, however, I started seeing more and more. I began to see how Christ, through the Holy Spirit, lives within me. I began to see how I can draw from that life. I began to see how I am in Christ. I began to see how being in Christ affects my relationships with other people and with the world around me. I began to see how Christ is more than just my occupation, but He is my life.

In 2007, Jesus ceased being my occupation entirely. I got back into radio, which led to sales, which led to radio sales. My occupation changed over time, and so did my life. Jesus was once my occupation, but my life was my own. Then my occupation wasn’t Jesus, but He was becoming my life.

Fast forward to present day. Jesus is now my life. Not perfectly by any stretch of the imagination, but I am more aware of His life. I often lay down my own so His can be expressed. He is also now my occupation again. Not in the sense that I get paid for ministry, but His is the work I do.

My Life & Occupation

I mentioned earlier how I was in training to establish churches. Well, that is what my wife and I now do. We live in a 5th-wheel camper with our four kiddos and travel around the country to work with groups of people to lay a foundation of Christ and His Church. He is our work. He is our occupation.

Basically, we are more concerned with Jesus and His desires than with our own. We are more concerned with God getting what He wants than with what we want. We are more concerned with the Holy Spirit having a way through than for us to have our own way. He is our lifestyle. He is our life.

Currently, we don’t work outside jobs. I say currently, because that could change at any time. We are currently supported by gifts from other people. Some people are in groups with which we work, others are not. There is no rhyme nor reason to how we are supported. Simply put, we rely on God, and He provides. And if, one day, He would have us work a job outside of this work, we will do that. And He will provide.

Dear reader, I can only hint at certain things right now. There is so much abstract, cerebral, theoretical, heavenly, spiritual reality to this, that it is extremely difficult to explain in a few hundred words. It is also the most practical thing in the world. I do not mean to string you along to a point and leave you. Far from it. If you desire to know more, then I invite you to do one of two things: check out our other blog at 3rdRace.org, and/or contact me with questions. I would be happy to tell more of our story.

What is your life and/or occupation?

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