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“Many of us do not go on spiritually because we prefer to choose what is right instead of relying on God to choose for us.” ~ Oswald Chambers

Several years ago, I realized that I was bothered. It bothered me that I got paid to do what I tried to inspire others to do without pay, that churches would spend big bucks on “things” but turn away people in need for lack of funds, that I kept hearing more and more about character and principles than about this Christ, and that I embraced this mentality as what God wanted of His people, His church.

In 2007, I had a cushy job on staff with a church making decent money playing my guitar, singing, reading my Bible, praying, and spending time with people. Then God said, “Move.” He flipped our world upside down. We could stay in our house and church with our friends and cushy job, or we could go on spiritually. I could choose what is right, or I could rely on God to choose for us.

So, we quit the job, sold the house, and moved in with my parents. I worked for mere peanuts. I wouldn’t have chosen that as “right” for us, but I was relying on God. And I learned that Christ is more.

In 2009, He asked us to step out of institutional christianity entirely. (Not easy, by the way. Especially when He asks you to keep quiet and not defend yourself against the lies and rumors being spread about you.) But I was relying on God, and I learned that Christ is more.

Then He asked us to move again. This time, away from family and security and across the country to strangers and uncertainty. So, in 2010, we moved from Oklahoma to Florida, breaking families’ hearts along the way. Again, not what I would have chosen as right, but I was relying on God. And I learned that Christ is more.

In Florida, I was constantly asked why I moved. I finally started answering that I moved for another woman, house, family, and better body, none of which were mine.

One day, I asked Christ why He moved us to Florida. The following is the answer I received:

“To strip the seeming beauty from the idols of the earth. To show you peerless worth. To fellowship with you, so you would have nothing else to do with those idols. To draw you, win you, and fill you completely till your cup overflows the brim. To capture your heart and unveil Mine. To pour out My grace on you so that sin won’t deceive you anymore. For you to hear Me, see Me, and know Me like you never have before.”

I was stunned and humbled. After a week or so of sitting with the Lord on that, I finally asked, “For what purpose, Lord?”

“So that My Bride is made ready, My House built, My Family made complete, and My Body function under My Headship.”

We are now living in a fifth-wheel camper in Texas. We don’t currently have a “normal” job. Why? So that His Bride is made ready, His House built, His Family made complete, and His Body function under Christ’s Headship. Again, not because I’ve chosen this as right, but because I rely on God. And I’m learning that Christ is more.

Do you want to go on spiritually? From experience, I can tell you that it isn’t always easy or comfortable to rely on God to choose what is right for us. But I can tell you that He will always choose His Son. And His Son is the only right there is. Christ is more. May you rely on Him to work in you for His purpose. Amen.

Are you done with church? Do you believe that Christ is more? Feel free to ask me questions, and I’ll respond as the Lord leads. Also, check out this website; it’s a start.

Picture Credit: “Battle Center Methodist Church” by Flickr user tumblingrun (cc)

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