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The heart sings unbidden while exploring LIFE with a pipe in teeth and pen in hand.


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A Spiritual Kick
July 6, 2017 /0 Likes/More

Over at 3rdRace.org, we're attempting to see Christ in the movie "Inception" in various ways and all share on it. In other words, we're all sharing different ways we...

Sharing Life
Down to the Wire for the To the Saints Conference
June 30, 2017 /0 Likes/More

Today's the last day to register for the To the Saints Conference. So, what is it?

Sharing Life
From the Garden of Belief
June 23, 2017 /0 Likes/More

In the garden of Eden, pride leads to unbelief which leads to disobedience. In the garden of Gethsemane, humility leads to belief which leads to obedience. Guess from which...

Abiding Life
The Promise
June 16, 2017 /0 Likes/More

Several years ago, when I was still active on Twitter, I tweeted, "Ah, the Promise of a new day." In fact, I was going to say, "Ah, the promise...

Abiding Life
Freedom Living in the Wild
June 6, 2017 /0 Likes/More

Growing up, I loved the movie, Dances with Wolves. The idea of living on the frontier, depending on the land, being subject to the elements, and “living the way...

Abiding Life
Bloom Where You’re Planted: The Bush Who Lived
June 2, 2017 /0 Likes/More

What if we’re planted in Christ, and we have all the right soil and the right sized pot, and we get plenty of water, but we still don’t bloom?...

Abiding Life
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